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August 11, 2015

How to Get More Out of Your Employees Without Killing Morale

Filed under: Agreements and Contracts — Tags: , — Aric Mitchell @ 12:00 pm

Employee agreement templateWorkplace productivity is something that many employers struggle to maximize. In fact, one study from polling organization Gallup noted that worldwide only 13 percent of employees were truly “engaged” at work. Sixty-three percent were “not engaged” and an additional 24 percent were “actively disengaged.” That means if you have 100 employees working for you, only 13 of them are truly doing their jobs; 63 of them are working only when they have to; and 24 are actively trying not to work. What’s worse, any efforts you make to get these 87 people engaged with their jobs could make you seem like the bad guy. Luckily there are ways to boost productivity without lashing out. Here’s what we recommend.

1. Be upfront regarding the duties of the position.

Just like teachers are told to establish their system and their authority on the first day of school, you need to make sure that your employees know what they’re getting in to from day one when they sign the initial contract. By giving them standard expectations to live up to with their job duties, they will set that as their default. From there, it’s up to you to reinforce.

2. Empower employees to make decisions.

Nothing can kill your employees’ desire to work for you and be genuine contributors to the company faster than being made to feel their judgment isn’t worth anything. While your employees should know that there are certain things above their pay-grade, they should also be made aware their opinions are valuable and that you have faith in their decision-making abilities.

3. Create a productive work environment.

Your work environment doesn’t have to be “fun” (though it certainly couldn’t hurt), but it does have to be productive. That means giving your employees the time and the space to do their jobs, work independently as needed, and always know what their overall objective is and how it serves company objectives.

4. Reward creatively.

Don’t automatically assume that throwing money at an employee will make them want to work harder for you. Employees appreciate fair pay, but they also value quality of life. Consider offering free tickets to a college football game, a surprise day off, and other more unorthodox incentives that show you appreciate their time and effort, and that it means more to you than just money. What’s even better is if you can tailor rewards to what you know about the employee’s interests. This level of attentiveness will let them know they’re not “just a number.”

In Summary

Setting standards, showing appreciation for the work your employees do, giving them the tools they need to succeed, and empowering them to make decisions for the good of the company, will go a long way in your employees taking ownership of their jobs. When they feel they provide value, they will work harder to supply that value each and every day. This is an outcome best fostered from day one; that’s why we invite you to take a look at some of our employee contract template provisions. Feel free to use or adapt to suit your purposes, but make sure you get it all in writing from the very beginning.

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